High Availability Clusters

High Availability Clusters

Trender are in the process of deploying  a new high availability application network in our data centres.

This move has many benefits for our client applications and mission critical hosted sites including high availability, load balancing, zero single point of failure, automatic fail-over and rapidly scalable cluster nodes. 

The ability for your application or presence to scale quickly with zero downtime is crucial in a fiercely competitive business landscape and our infrastructure will deliver the performance and redundancy you require.

The Trender High Availability cluster will support various applications including the Moodle LMS, WordPress, discrete MySQL database applications with clustered web front ends and a variety of other mission critical applications where scalable growth is required. 

Coupled with performance monitoring, additional nodes can be added to the cluster to instantly meet real-time demand and then removed as usage drops to provide a scalable performance network that adapts to your audience.  This dynamic approach allows the network to remain congruent and avoids over allocation of resourcing or under-supply.

If you’d like to discuss the benefits of hosting your application in a clustered environment, please click here to launch the contact page and send a message.  We’d be happy to evaluate your current hosting arrangement and discuss the details of moving to a high availability clustered network environment.