Stop Guessing

  • Step 1



    After engaging Trender, we configure your website to start collect audience analytics.


    A short time later, a profile begins to build with a number of key metrics for your customer base.



    This information will be used to direct your ad budget more effectively and tailor your website content to achieve optimal search ranking.
  • Step 2

    Data Analysis

    Now that we have some good data, we can start to have a look at the people who make up your audience.
    We start by generating reports which provide a graphical overview of the people who are finding you online which we break down into a number of key metrics including.

    Age, Gender, Social / Organic, Time Popularity / Interests / Affiliated Markets.

  • Step 3



    Drawing from YOUR data profile we look at your affiliated markets and evaluate both current / emerging trends in said markets.

    This empowers you to make data driven adjustments to your current and future advertising  / content strategy and appeal to a broader market spectrum.


  • Step 4


    Using these 3 key areas, Analytics, Reports and Trends we can start to develop an ongoing strategy for your digital presence.
    Audience Analytics will provide you with an intimate understanding of your current audience and more crucially the audience that makes up your affiliated markets.
    Data Analysis provides you with the tools to visualize relationships between your core business and the ones that may be searching for you.
    Trends will give you an insight into your current and affiliated market’s behavior as well as a glimpse into the future.
    The benefit of understanding the above mentioned areas results in a decisive, data driven strategy that removes the guess work and enables you to more effectively advertise and present your digital brand.