Audience Analytics

Know your audience

Know your audience

Your website has been online for a while and a portion of your new clients have found you via organic searches on major search engines.   Your advertising budget sees you placing online and print based adverts in various places which closely match your service or industry and you’re seeing some return on investment but you’d like to expand your reach.

It’s important to note that prospective clients have many browsing interests of which yours is just one and by discovering the relationship between these areas of interest you can apply some of your advertising budget in parallel marketplaces.

Here’s an example – You’re a hairdresser and you’ve targeted the area of fashion and lifestyle with advertisements for your business.   Audience analytics gathered over time have shown that people interested in the areas of fashion and lifestyle also have a keen interest in live theatre shows. 

By directing some of your advertising budget into this related area you may pick up additional revenue streams from people who may not currently be searching for a hair dressing appointment but who now make a mental note of your advert in this related area.

There are many related markets and audience interest associations that can be leveraged to give your business a broader coverage of groups looking for your business directly or indirectly through a related area.

“The web is competitive – you need a deep understanding of who your audience is, what appeals to them and their related interests. Static websites that make a best guest estimate and never see audience relevant content will be quickly buried  in the list of search results.”

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