Target Content

Know what to publish

Know what to publish

Target Content.  Get a better idea of what your audience is interested in and publish content that keeps them engaged.

Your website has been live for a while and you’re getting visits from the customers you know about, however you might find your site slipping down the rankings and you also might want to reach out to potential new customers who aren’t finding you. 

Search engines will rank your site on a number of factors including the newness and structure of your content, and page content relevant to your affiliated markets. Using audience analytics you’ll be able to
determine how popular and relevant your content is and this will be a good guide in order to create more appealing material. You’ll also be able to identify the ways your customers currently find you and this information might reveal gaps in your content that once filled might attract a wider audience.

Attracting new customers may at first appear to be a difficult task but armed with search and keyword reports you’ll quickly spot which keywords work for your market and which ones don’t. You may need to do some research into your affiliated markets and in doing so you’ll shine a light on keywords your site may be missing – adding these keywords will help bring customers to your site.

This research may also reveal what at first seem to be unrelated markets, however using audience tracking it can be demonstrated that in fact people may be trying to find you but that their search patterns land your site on the periphery of their vision and so you get lost in the multitudes. Adding keywords from these search patterns will again bring a wider audience to your site.

People tend to look for different things at different times and trend analysis will reveal these search patterns to you.. are you taking advantage of this information? To maximise traffic to your website you may want to tailor your content by year, by season or even by month. 

The last topic I will cover in this article is advertising – you may have an ad strategy but are you monitoring how well it’s working? Advertising costs you money and you want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck here.

Looking through the data in your reports you’ll be able to quickly identify which ads are bringing people to your site and which are not and this is a great way to adjust your campaign on the fly to get greater value from your spend. Also are you sure you’re getting your ads out to everyone that might be interested in you? Again looking through your analytics reports you might see unrelated markets that are ripe for some targeted advertising that may yield great results.


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