Trend Analysis

Know what's trending

Know what's trending

Anticipating market trends and being poised to deliver the appropriate service or product can give your business a significant revenue boost as the trend starts to peak.   Trends can be seasonal and repeat for a number of years, one off or generational.

Trends are determined by monitoring search engine keyword frequency over a set time frame and then turning that data into a graphical visualisation.  Comparative trends can also be visualised superimposed over the top of the original query to give you an idea of how associated keywords are tracking.

Here is an example below of a comparative trend query for swimming and soup which demonstrates a seasonal trend in the summer and winter months of Australia.  The hotter months trend with higher search frequency for “swimming” and lower search frequency for “soup” which would be expected based on seasonal temperature.

We can see from this simple example that a business dealing with general household / leisure products may decide to start stocking can openers toward the start of winter and swimming caps just before the start of summer.   If they were operating an online shop, these products could be sourced and the web shop populated just as each season was beginning.  Website content would also be altered to announce the new arrival of these items so that search engines could start picking up the content.

Although the above mentioned example is simple and seems intuitive, you can see how this trend analysis can be used in a more powerful way when you start to look at associated search queries which match the top level search of “swimming“.  An example of this is given below.


Now  we know the associated searches for “swimming“.  We could now choose to expand our product  / service capabilities to broaden our offerings and capture new revenue streams.   

By continuing to monitor market trends and their associations, new opportunities can present themselves allowing you to ride the crest of the wave.  Conversely, if an item or service you currently have on offer is not popular in the trend hierarchy you may choose to remove it to make room for something else.

The benefit of this approach is that your inventory and business remain dynamic allowing you to adapt to a changing marketplace quickly and ahead of time.  Additional benefits include maintaining good coverage on major Internet search engines who view a business with dynamic content as a sign of being healthy and thriving.  This will often trigger a higher listing in search results. 

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