E-commerce – Home Cooked or Eat Out?

E-Commerce - Home Cooked or Eat Out?

What are the best e-commerce platforms? – it’s a question that gets a lot of coverage with business owners looking to pivot due to the ongoing Covid-19 issue.

Facebook recently launched their “Shops” initiative which will allow an e-commerce front end on business pages. We’re quite excited with this direction Facebook are taking as it is a big vote of confidence in the value of e-shops and it will allow many small business to jump right in to creating their first online shop without needing specialist experience.

There are a plethora of choices when it comes to running your e-shop, including dedicated tools such as Shopify, Woo-commerce and ebay or more generic platforms including Wix, SquareSpace and SiteBuilder. Each choice will come with it’s own pros and cons including the level of customisation, the ability to integrate with your website and of course the cost.

Our general rule of thumb when choosing any portal that allows customers to trade with you online is to make sure you look at how well it integrates with your current business ecosystem.  Does it talk to your POS system?, can it manage inventory and generate reports for tax purposes easily and can it be scaled to grow with your business?

No matter which solution you choose we hope that you have great success extending your business online, and we’d like to remind you that Trender can help with your e-shop integration and more importantly the way you market it using data driven trend analysis.